V-Grip Pick and Place

V-Grip pick and place systems from Simmatic are innovative vacuum grippers with built-in vacuum generators. VMECA’s Vacuum Gripping Systems are available in a range of different sizes, starting at 130mm in length going up to 1200mm. Capable of handling multiple processes, VMECA’s V-Grips are offered with a choice of either application-specific sponge pads or vacuum cups.
Here at Simmatic, we know ALL the challenges picking up objects with different shapes, sizes and/or porous materials bring. V-Grips offer options such as, an adjustable check valve you can adjust from off, low, medium, high and max flow settings. Designed with a lightweight aluminium body frame and slots for easy installation, V-Grips only require low maintenance.

V-Grip G130

Our video highlights VMECA’s V-Grip G130, fitted with VMECA vacuum suction cups, picking and placing packaged food. Simmatic has found ever growing success within the food packaging industry, mainly due to the difficult unpredictable nature of different gauges of thin plastics or foils, irregular shapes and sizes of food items and their packaging. We always have a food handling project ongoing through evaluation – it’s our specialty! Generally, food packaging need a trials-based solution, which we offer, so you can confidently develop around a known solution.

So why choose V-Gripping Systems?

VMECA’s V-Grips do not need to be completely covered – they will pick up even if only partially covered. By reducing contact between materials and moving parts, you reduce the wear and tear of the system, consequently prolonging the lifespan of the machinery and therefore your investment.
Using the right handling solutions not only increases the productivity and efficiency of a business, it also alleviates pressure from your team and reduces energy costs.
The V-Grip System can handle a pattern of products, a layer sheet, a pallet, or jars in a box, capable of numerous disciplines.

VMECA’s V-Grip G130 picking and placing packaged food… ⇒


V-Grip Pick and Place

Ultimately, every industry has their own unique material handling requirements but one thing they all have in common is the demand for efficiency, speed and a safe working environment.
If you would like more information about VMECA’s V-Grip Pick and Place from Simmatic or, in fact, any of our pneumatic and vacuum handling products, call us on 01299 877770 or email: [email protected]