VSA Swivel Arms

Robot Integrators and Manufacturers will be pleased to learn that VMECA have increased its range of VSA Swivel arms. These fully adjustable “End Of Arm” brackets have been extended to accept both 25mm and 27mmm tubular sections.

  • The swivel joints include adaption to the New Smart Cup technology from VMECA, which means that the smart vacuum cups can be fitted, changed or modified by simply lifting a collet without the need of any tools.
  • The T adaptors can be supplied with or without ball joints, level springs and integrated vacuum cartridge technology.
  • The VC202 Vacuum cartridge can be fitted internally to each T Adaptor, giving a point of use vacuum generator at each vacuum cup.
  • This eliminates centralised vacuum pumps and large bore vacuum pipe in favour of small compressed air lines, this increases response and evacuation times as the internal volume is much smaller.
  • The VQ Vacuum Pump has also been given a bracket which allows the release of compressed air at each cycle, maintaining vacuum and self cleaning the filters.


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