Dual, Triple & Quad Classic Pumps


M-Minimultiple Pump Series

These pumps are Classic Pumps put together to make a larger pump. These pumps produces the very highest flow rates, as the name denotes all the pumps uses a large bore common vacuum port with port sizes up to 2″. This type of pump has many applications but is particularly useful for high leakage systems, porous material is centerising vacuum system and large vacuum circuits.

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Features and Strengths

This M-multiple model uses individual pumps to make up the complete unit, each pump is in itself a multi stage ejector unit. Each individual pump can be stacked to together thus creating a modular manifold based system. The advantages of this unit is that it can be operated using just two control valve while retaining individual vacuum lines separate to one another, therefore if any leakage or surface deformation occurs and one pad loses it vacuum, it does not effect the vacuum level in the other pads.