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Maximum pressure15 bar
Temperature-10 / +50° C
Filtration grade5 – 20 – 50 µm
6 bar flow rate with Δp 1bar1=1900 Nl/min 2=3750Nl/min 3=6250Nl/min
Bowl capacity1=22cm3 2=46cm3 3=89,5cm3
Wall clamping screws1=M4X14 2=M5X18 3=M6X20


Technical data
Fluid: Air
Maximum pressure: 15 bar
Temperature: -10 / +50° C
Filtration grade: 5 – 20 – 50μm
6bar flow rate with ∆p 1bar: 1=1900 Nl/min 2=3750Nl/min 3=6250Nl/min
Bowl capacity: 1=22cm3 2=46cm3 3=89,5cm3
Wall clamping screws: 1=M4X14 2=M5X18 3=M6X20

XF12, XF13, XF23, XF24, XF35, XF36


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