Valock System

The Valock system is a patented system supplied by VMECA, it is similar to a level spring or compensator but it can also lock solid, stopping all movement. This is useful if you pick up a panel and rotate upside down, there is no movement in the part. We also supply the same locking feature on the Ball Joint, the ball joint is unique in that the ball and socket are closer to the face of the cup than any other ball type compensator I know of. This means that the radius of the cup about this ball joint is smaller and therefore creates less dragging and ultimately less wear on the cup face. It also can be supplied with a Failsafe (spring loaded) lock, released by applying compressed air to the joint.

Both of these make EOAT adaptive as they can be automatically adjusted and locked in different positions reducing the amount of tooling options required for different sizes and shapes of product.

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