VPS Series

Pneumatic Vacuum Switch

These switches are used to convert a vacuum signal into a pneumatic signal, e.g. for use with an Air Saving kit. The switch uses a vacuum actuated membrane to operate a pressure Air 3/2 way Valve. The level at which the pressure Air Valve will operate can be adjusted using the lockable screw. Two options of valve are available a normally closed version or a normally open version.

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Build a Model #

1. Basic Model

VPSPneumatic vacuum switch

2. Function

01Normally closed (NC)
02Normally open (NO)


General Specifications

Output fuctionNC (Normally Closed)NO (Normally Open)
Pressure (bar)1.5 ~ 81.5 ~ 8
Single range (-kPa)15 ~ 9510 ~ 95
Hystresis (kPa)123
Temperature (℃)-10 ~ +60-10 ~ +60
Weight (g)6969
Vacuum Line ConnectionG1/8″G1/8″


Unit: mm

Order Numbers

VPS series switches

Part NumberDescription
VPS-01Pneumatic vacuum switch, N.C., G 1/8″ innet
VPS-02Pneumatic vacuum switch, N.O., G 1/8″ innet