VMECA Vacuum Conveyor is a highly efficient and durable unit. It is able to transport a huge sum of dry raw material from point “A” to point “B”. The Vacuum Conveyor is able to transport food materials, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, and much more! The Vacuum Conveyor will allow your business to grow and run efficiently fitted just right to your application.

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1. Basic Model

400VTC400 series vacuum conveyor w/Free flow exhaust duct
400CPVTC400 series vacuum conveyor w/Central exhaust port

2. Filter Size

BlankStandard, 0.2 m²
LExtra large, 0.29 m²

3. Filter Type

CCartridge Filter, 38-Pointed Star, 0.2~0.5μ ✸
C2Cartridge Filter, 18-Pointed Star, 0.2~0.5μ ✶
BBag Filter – Filtering capacity (5μ)
B2Bag Filter – Filtering capacity (0.5μ )

4. Control Unit

ACPneumatic control – Fluidization option available
AC2Pneumatic control – Fluidization option unavailable
AC3Pneumatic control – Fluidization option available, Stainless steel case
EC1Electric control – Fluidization option available

5. Blowing Function

BlankNo blowing function
BBlowing function

6. Injection Valve

BlankNo injection valve
AInjection valve

7. Mounting Bracket

BlankNo mounting bracket
MMounting bracket

8. Conveyor Body Material

BlankSUS304 stainless
316LSUS316L stainless


1. General Specifications

Max Conveying Capacity2.2 ton/hour
Air Consumption1,600 Nl/min @ 6 bar
Feed Pressure6 bar (Max 7 bar)
Noise Level68 ~ 76 dB
Weight24 Kg

2. Conveying Capacity

ModelFilter Size (m²)Max Conveying Capacity (ton/h)Capacity (ton/hr) at different distancesRec.Material Pipe Dia. (mm)
8 m12 m24 m33 m


Unit: mm

Unit: mm

Order Numbers

Spare Parts

160021Fluidizing cone gasket, VTC100-400L
177301Module gasket, VTC100-400L
160062Hopper gasket, VTC100-400L
VCIV-32Injection Valve, Ø32 mm, VTC100-400L
VCFN-32Feed Nozzle, Ø32.0 mm
VCFN-40Feed Nozzle, Ø42.8 mm
173131Hopper cone, VTC100-400L
179012Filter Cartridge, 250mm, 38-Pointed Star, SUS304 VTC200L, 400, 600, 800
179013Filter Cartridge, 350mm, 38-Pointed Star, SUS304 VTC400L
179202Filter Cartridge, 250mm, 18-Pointed Star, SUS304 VTC200L, 400, 600, 800
179203Filter Cartridge, 350mm, 18-Pointed Star, SUS304 VTC400L
179111Filter Cartridge, 250mm, 38-Pointed Star, SUS316 VTC200L, 400, 600, 800
179112Filter Cartridge, 350mm, 38-Pointed Star, SUS316 VTC400L
179211Filter Cartridge, 250mm, 18-Pointed Star, SUS316 VTC200L, 400, 600, 800
179212Filter Cartridge, 350mm, 18-Pointed Star, SUS316 VTC400L
171303VTML400 CV-CT Vacuum Pump