V-Grip Vacuum Gripping System

Here’s V-Grip G200 Vacuum Gripping System picking, transferring and placing squeezy mayonnaise bottles.
The V-Grip System can handle multiple processes, whether it’s a pattern of products, a layer sheet, a pallet, or jars in a box, resulting in an adaptable industrial robot capable of multiple disciplines and increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your business. The V-Gripper does not need to be completely covered, it will pick and place even if only partially covered.
The V Grip model shown in our video: G200X800-ES1-A3-R3-DN-S2P

Every industry has unique material handling requirements but one thing they have in common is the demand for efficiency, speed, and a safe working environment. Simmatic Automation offer high-performing vacuum solutions designed to meet the needs of your business.

V-Grip features include:

  • Innovative vacuum gripper with built-in vacuum generators
  • Operates from a compressed air supply
  • The lightest multi-purpose gripper of its type, with the fastest response time
  • Available with a sponge pad or application-specific vacuum cups

Here’s VMECA’s V-Grip G130 Vacuum Gripping System picking, placing and transferring boxes and papers…
V-Grip model shown in video: G130X1200-L8

*NEW* VMECA’s Miniature V-Grip Vacuum Gripping System

The NEW miniature EPDM sponge V-Grip can handle awkward shapes and sizes conventional vacuum cups struggle to lift. With its high speed and performance, the miniature gripper can handle porous and irregular surfaces, small diameters, punched or perforated surfaces and thin surfaces as small as 6mm wide.

To watch a demonstration video of the new G16X60-C202-B Miniature V-Grip and for more details click here

VMECA’s Miniature V-Grip Vacuum Gripping System

Established in 1997, Simmatic Automation supply pneumatic and vacuum handling products to numerous industries including food and drink, manufacturing and automotive. Our experienced team of engineers provide extensive expertise and knowledge in industrial handling solutions and offer the latest in technological developments to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Challenge Simmatic Automation Specialists Ltd with your difficult to handle products. Ask us about VMECA’s V-Grip Vacuum Gripping Systems and we’ll show you how to solve your vacuum handling applications.