Picking and Placing Crab Legs

This week we’re highlighting VMECA’s Premium Speeder PS230 picking and placing crab legs. It proved to be an excellent vacuum handling solution…

VMECA’s Premium Speeder Vacuum Generators are a one body structure design – Magic Cup with Vacuum Generator. Simmatic have three models available: the PS210, PS220 & PS230 – all with different vacuum flow rates. The Premium Speeder vacuum solution offers both a stable performance and an optimised solution for high porous and leakage applications. With its unique design and structure, the vacuum nozzle inside the vacuum generator does not clog with dust, particles or even water. This is achieved by having a straight through design from the vacuum face to exhaust.

Picking and Placing Crab Legs

Premium Speeder Key Points:

Excellent pick and place results for irregular surface products…

biscuits, pies, bread rolls, even products in water (to name a few)

– Various shapes of suction lips, stoppers and different materials available

– Select optimised suction cup depending on application

Picking and Placing Crab Legs

Many of Simmatic’s recently solved challenges, including 20kg bags of compost, 25kg paper sacks of potato starch and boxes of dog biscuits are highlighted on our Blog Page and social media platforms, complete with video demonstration. We’ve handled red lentils, fruit, vegetables and even bricks with success. So, if you’re gripping, moving, holding, pushing, pulling, lifting or lowering Simmatic have the products and the knowledge to solve all your vacuum handling applications.

Our innovation is achieved through representing forward-thinking companies such as VMECA and MovomechAB. VMECA’s compressed air driven vacuum pumps have industry leading potential for pick and place robotics and handling applications. Movomech’s ergonomic industrial lifting equipment, from a first-class overhead crane system in aluminium to complete material handling solutions with advanced industrial manipulators and tailor-made gripper tools.

Simmatic invite companies to ‘Challenge Us’ with their vacuum handling applications and we’re confident we can help with your difficult to handle products. For more information about VMECA’s Premium Speeders, picking and placing crab legs or in fact, any product information you need, contact us at: [email protected] or call: 01299 877770. You can also follow this link to Simmatic’s YouTube channel and subscribe to watch more solution videos.