Category: Pneumatic Solutions

VMECA New Products

New VMECA products

Simmatic introduce two new VMECA products to the market: Pick Up Head PH40 – a pneumatic bottle handling solution Eco Control Unit – for use with Turtle Pumps Our current…

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Simmatic Official Partner Certificate - Aircomp Automation - Stampotecnica

Official Partner Announcement for 2021

Simmatic are delighted to announce their official partnership with Aircomp Automation division of Stampotecnica – suppliers of the filter regulators used on our bespoke assembly line…    

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Space Efficient Spider Robot

A high speed solution for pick and place – a spider robot working in a directed motion with a conveyor system. VMECA’s Magic Grippers give ultimate picking speed and space…

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Happy Halloween ?

Here you see the versatility of the VMECA Magic Gripper with an EPDM sponge lip and point of use vacuum generator 

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Simmatic Cobots

All robots @Simmatic offer are exceptionally easy to program and use with a choice of three programming methods. Book your tickets to #FutureRobotics and see our cobots in action:

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