Dale Simmonds’ Product Focus

Today Dale Simmonds’ product focus is about Magic Grippers…

The Magic Gripper is unique to the vacuum handling market. This clever innovation from VMECA takes the already very successful configurable Magic Cup and offers it coupled directly to a carefully measured vacuum source so, a tailored gripper specific to a project’s demands can be created from one line of products.

Magic Grippers only evacuate the vacuum between the built-in vacuum cartridge to the cup face, giving an instant response once supplied with compressed air. Because the size of the gripper can be perfected to the application, it’s not wasteful with energy due to oversizing, equally, when large flows are required, the body allows full bore flow through it with no restrictions associated with pipework and fittings.

Rather than being scrapped, the Magic Gripper can be redeployed onto different machinery and when that’s not possible… a recent study found, 95% of the materials used to produce the Magic Gripper are recyclable. So, if a machine or robot reaches obsolescence you can be certain the end-of-life impact of the Magic Gripper is minimal.

We hope you enjoyed Dale Simmonds’ product focus about Magic Grippers.
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Watch VMECA’s Magic Grippers fitted with XP suction lips and new soft grip silicon bellows to lift the product. This multi head collation gripper maximises the pick and place rate. Simple, effective and elegant…

Simmatic have recently been awarded and presented with VMECA’s Top Sales Award for 2022, as their leading European supplier. VMECA’s comprehensive range of air-driven vacuum pumps, suction cups, and vacuum conveyor systems are ideal solutions for the food and beverage industry. Many of Simmatic’s recently solved challenges are on our website Blog page – complete with video demonstrations, where anything from dog food, fruitvegetables and even bricks have been handled with success. So, if you’re gripping, moving, holding, pushing, pulling, lifting or lowering Simmatic have the products and the knowledge to deliver your solution.

Whatever your project needs, Simmatic are always keen to work with you and help you through your options. There are so many automated solutions available, we pick up a lot of interesting projects from our special purpose machinery customers, looking for simplistic advantages that pneumatics bring. Correctly applying pneumatic and vacuum solutions gives you an easily replaceable critical component minimising down time.

Challenge us with your difficult to handle products. We can show you how to solve all your industrial vacuum handling applications.